Beaudele Health & Beauty Salon - waxing

Facial Treatments

Beaudèle Health & Beauty specialize in the proper care and maintenance of the skin on the most natural way possible. RegimA Skin Treatments are the preferred product choice. Facial treatments include the RegimA Hydrating Facial and the Zone Power Peels.
The RegimA Hydrating Facial include the application of masks and serums. A hand massage is done while waiting on the mask.

Nail polish

Hands & Feet

Essie has for many years been the preferred choice of nail varnish. A world famous chip resistant formula and outstanding durability.  Enhancing nail health and nail growth. We specialize in the more natural look and do not offer artificial nails or gel-like treatments. We do a Paint & Go for the nails of the hands and feet that include the cut/file of nails and the application of nail varnish. For the feet we offer the RegimA Pedi Peel treatments that include the scrub/file of the heels. The application of nail varnish is at extra cost.

Eye Treatments

Tinting of the eyebrows and eyelashes give your eyes definition. The preferred choice of product is Refectocil. It gives a long lasting effect. Note: If you have never had a tint before it is advised to do a patch test first to see if any reaction occurs.

Beaudele - Health and Beauty


We offer facial, underarm, bikini and leg waxing.
PhD Safewax - The De Burgo PhD Waxing system is used for all leg waxes.  This unique system is very hygienic because a new disposable applicator is used for every client.  The wax that is in touch with the client won’t go back in the tube.  The temperature of the wax is always stable and will never be too hot. 
A toffee type Hot Wax is used for all other areas of waxing where the hair is more stubborn.