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I, Adèle Groenewald, owner of a beauty salon in Panorama, trained through Camelot International and in 2002 received an international diploma through CIBTAC.  I have a very strong passion for skin analysis and treatment of the skin and therefore underwent further studies and achieved a certificate in Advanced Skin Analysis and Cosmetic Chemistry through Pastiche.

For about 16 years I also had bad acne know the emotions one goes through by having a bad skin.  After coming across RegimA Skin Treatments my skin has changed for the better.  RegimA assisted in smoothing and healing of my skin condition.

RegimA is not just a normal cosmetic, but will penetrate deeper than a normal cosmetic and heal the skin from the deepest epidermis layer where all skin changes start to happen.  You will never have to change to a new brand due to the skin becoming used to the product. After 13 years on the product, I still experience results day by day.

My main aim is to assist my clients in the best skin care choice for their skin, being it ageing, acne or pigmentation.

I also offer a skin care range for children called Skin Kidz.

Please make use of our advice.

Choose the correct person to assist you:
Somatologist (beauty technologist) = concerned with the treatment and prevention of disorders involving the skin and body and is interested in the overall health& well-being of people.

Dermatologist = a doctor who specializes in the treatment of diseases of the skin

Other Courses

2010 – Gardening & Horticulture Certificate
2013 – Pattern Cutting & Design Diploma
2014 – Dressmaking Diploma
2017 – WordPress Training
2018 – Adobe InDesign, Photoshop & Illustrator

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