About Us

The name BEAUDÈLE was a creation between husband and wife’s names.

For 18 years it was the name of Beaudèle Health & Beauty, Adèle’s beauty salon. 

In 2021 we decided to make a lifestyle change and moved to the rural area near Philadelphia and changed the name to Beaudèle on the Farm to incorporate everything we do.

Bromeliads are currently our main focus on the farm. A love for bromeliad plants developed over a 20 year period and we now have a huge selection of bromeliads from our private collection that is on sale.  These plants are housed under a shade netted area.  We work on an appointment basis so please Whatsapp or phone us to make an appointment.  We often have open days too, where we have a day where you can come and go without an appointment. Please read the Bromeliad Info page if you would like to know more about these plants.  Come and visit us on the farm or look out for our market day events.

On the farm we planted an orchid of olive trees and fruit trees and started growing vegetables.  Hopefully in future some of the vegetables will be sold as fresh produce.

Excess fruit/vegetables are used in Adèle’s unique creations of jams/preserves of which we only make small batches at a time and they sometimes sell fast.

There’s always the crafts side of the family where we create needlework, woodwork and other items.

You’re welcome to have a look at our online Catalogue.

Your support of our farm products and services we offer as a small business would be appreciated.

– Beaurich & Adèle

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