Bromeliads grow all year and like warmer temperatures as they mostly originate from South America.  They like bright light, but not direct sunlight for long periods.  Filtered light are best. Some species can tolerate more sun. Bromeliads don’t like wet feet and thrive on the water in their cups. If you want to describe a climate I would say “tropical” is the best.

You can read the Bromeliad info to learn more.

HOW TO ORDER: This is a bromeliad catalogue page and don’t display any pricing as prices change too often.  You can request a quote or Whatsapp me with the names of the plants you would like to buy and I’ll send you prices.

These plants are sold from my private collection.  Prices are determined on the value it poses to myself.

COURIER: We can courier your bromeliads with The Courier Guy at an additional fee.  Please note that your plants will then arrive without a pot and soil.

PLEASE NOTE:  If the name has a ? it is because the name is close to correct, but I might have it mistaken.  If it says NoID/Unknown then it is because I really don’t have a name for them.  I bought a lot of plants once that never had any names, but they were very beautiful.  If you can help with a name I would appreciate it very much.

Bromeliad plants are often crossbred and therefore not that easy to just give a name.

Although I’m very passionate about my bromeliads I am not a fundi on the names.

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